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Breakfast Clubs

Class Of Their Own Breakfast Clubs provide children aged 4 - 11 with the ideal start to their school day.

The clubs are open every day the school is open from 8am until the start of school.

Parents and their children are welcome to pop into the Breakfast Club at any time to visit and to have a look around before the first day. We like you to see us just as we are, and you are welcome to just turn up, you do not need to make an appointment.

End of the Session

Infant Children are walked over to the Infant School by our team. We have a ratio of one adult to 5 children for the walk. Junior children make their way to the playground just before the start of school.

Ball in hoop

The main focus of the breakfast club is the healthy breakfast. This is made up of cereals, toast, fruit, yoghurts, juice and hot drinks. The children can choose what they would like to eat each morning and our staff team ensure they eat a nutritious meal.

There are different activities available every day and the children are able to choose what they would like to do before school, they are also able to play outside.

Our Breakfast Clubs are relaxed and friendly. Because the children attend on a regular basis, the staff team knows the children well, and the staff team and children are able to plan activities together.