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What workshops are happening in Christmas Holiday Club 2017?

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Holiday Clubs, After School Clubs and Breakfast Clubs in Sussex with Class of Their OwnHoliday Clubs, After School Clubs and Breakfast Clubs in Sussex with Class of Their Own

February Holiday Club

12th-16th February


Activity Preview for February Holiday Club

Below are three examples of the dozens of great activities we have planned for Holiday Club:

Indoor Curling game – Children will work together to glide their stones into the points!

(N)ice Hockey – All the fun of hockey with no ice! Featuring goals, hockey sticks and team play!

Snow-tastic Olympics crafts – Children will have a whole library of Winter Olympics inspired crafts..from bobsleigh creations to designing their own ski course!

All About Ddakji!

And our junior aged children will have the opportunity to try out Ddakji! A South Korean game that requires players to craft a Tile using Origami. Once you’ve created your tile you use it to flip over Tiles made by other players! Ddakji is very similar to the game of POGS which was a huge craze in the 1990s.

(Check out this video to see one being made)

The daily themes are as follows:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Opening Ceremony Amazing
Call Of The Champions Going For Gold Closing Ceremony

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