About Us

We provide children with exciting and stimulating play opportunities.

Our out of school clubs are designed to appeal to all children. We cater for each child’s individual needs to ensure they are happy and have fun in a safe environment.

Whether your child is creative, sporty, shy or playful, we have something to suit everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create environments where children are treated as individuals, where they want to be, where they have fun, feel safe and their needs are met.

Our Vision

Our vision is to wow children, their families and our team. We will do this by:

  • Providing innovative services to meet the wants and needs of children and their families
  • Being the best we can be by putting continuous improvement at the heart of what we do
  • Encouraging and inspiring stakeholders to help us define and deliver the ‘wow’

Our Values

Class Of Their Own values are at the HEART of our business. 

Happy and positive experiences for children, their families and our team (in an)

Enabling and mutually supportive environment (based on)

Approachability, openness and finding solutions (by being)

Respectful, fair and acting with integrity (to ensure we are a)

Team which delivers its work with pride  

Happy, enabling, approachable, respectful team!

Meet The Directors

Class Of Their Own was started by Sam Thomson in 2001.


Sam Thomson

Hello, I’m Sam, the Founder of Class Of Their Own. I’m also the Director responsible for everything that happens within the clubs.

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Tanya Petherick

Hello, I am the Director responsible for the business support teams of HR, Marketing and Customer Care, Accounts and Finance.

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Playwork is our passion

Through play children learn what no one else can teach them! Play is not merely a way of passing time, a leisure activity, as many people see it – it is the way in which children learn about life.

Play is very hard to define but easy to recognise. Anyone who has played in their life will recognise it when they see it, but wouldn’t necessarily be able to put it into words.

The most important thing is that play is freely chosen. The children are engaged in the activity because they want to be and they are directing their own behaviour. Adults may encourage children to play, but no-one can make them do it.

The Team’s Qualifications

Our club teams have a broad spectrum of backgrounds and qualifications. Several of the team are graduates in disciplines other than playwork, while others hold Foundation Degrees in playwork.

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