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Company Vision

Class Of Their Own's vision is to provide services for children which are viewed as outstanding by all stakeholders.

Company Values

To achieve this, we commit to work together and to use our core values to guide us as a company and individuals. They guide us all in the way we conduct our daily business.

The Class Of Their Own Company Values that we are guided by are:

star Quality

star Integrity

star Respect

We strive to deliver the highest possible quality:

star Deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond positively to change

star Welcome opportunities to develop our practice through training, education and new opportunities

star Listen to the requests of our stakeholders and understand their expectations

star Demonstrate pride in our work

star Promote a positive, optimistic and fun environment for everyone

We act with integrity in all we do:

star Take personal accountability for high standards

star Embrace openness and trust in all relationships

star Speak positively and supportively about stakeholders whether together or apart

star Focus on finding solutions and achieving results, rather than making excuses or placing blame

star Be honest and reasonable in all that we do, and use our best judgement to make fair, ethical decisions

We treat other people and our surroundings with respect:

star Consistently treat children, their parents, team members, the school, and company resources with the respect they deserve

star Value contributions that come from a diversity of individuals and ideas

star Assume positive intent

star Involve others in decisions and plans that affect them

star Be mindful of the effect of our actions on other people



Girls laughing

Risk in Play

'Children need and want to take risks when they play. Play provision aims to respond to these needs and wishes by offering children stimulating, challenging environments for exploring and developing their abilities.' - Play England 2008, endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive.

Some activities that happen at the club will have an element of risk to them. We carry out formal and on-the-spot risk assessments to manage the risk within the club and look at the benefits to the child of a particular activity.

Class Of Their Own - Play Framework

Please click here to download a copy of our Play Framework, which includes the sixteen play types and the playwork principles.


What is Play?

Play is not merely a way of passing time, a leisure activity, as many people see it - it is the way in which children learn about life.

Play is very hard to define but easy to recognise. Anyone who has played in their life will recognise it when they see it, but wouldn't necessarily be able to put it into words. The most important thing is that play is freely chosen. The children are engaged in the activity because they want to be and they are directing their own behaviour. Adults may encourage children to play, but no-one can make them do it.

The benefits of playing?

Every time a child plays they are discovering something new. Play is crucial to a child, it is through play alongside education that children will develop to their full potential – socially, physically, intellectually, creatively, culturally and emotionally. Play allows children to learn through first hand experience, by doing so they gain understanding.

Through play children learn what no one else can teach them

In this Club we Play!

Sometimes when playing I play on my own
Sometimes I play with one friend
Sometimes I play with a large group of friends
Sometimes with friends not yet made
Sometimes I don't want others to join in
Sometimes I do, but they don't!

Sometimes when I play I am happy,
Sometimes I am sad
Sometimes I am as loud as a lion
Sometimes I am as quiet as a mouse
Sometimes I laugh out loud
Sometimes I just giggle inside

Sometimes I create a real work of art
Sometimes I make blobs with the clay
Sometimes I love to get messy
Sometimes I just want to be clean
Sometimes I want to score all the goals
Sometimes I just couldn't care

Sometimes I am the star of the show
Sometimes I just want to watch
Sometimes I like to play in my den
Sometimes I'm a pirate with my own Isle
Sometimes I wish to be someone else
But most of all I am just happy to be ME!


Behaviour Policy

Our aim is for children to behave appropriately when they are with us, when a child displays challenging behaviour it will be dealt with by the team following the conflict resolution model. We have found this model to be very beneficial and has helped children to resolve their own conflict issues which is a good life skill.

Please click here to download a copy of our Behaviour Policy.

Our Ratios

We work to these ratios across all our clubs to ensure our staff are able to support every child that attends to have a brilliant, fun and interactive experience.

  • 2 adults to maximum of 12 children
  • 3 adults to maximum of  25 children
  • 4 adults to maximum of  34 children
  • 5 adults to maximum of  44 children
  • 6 adults to maximum of  54 children