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Proposed Changes Affecting After School Club Provision


The Government has released a report entitled 'The regulation of childcare' which proposes dramatic changes to the law affecting the provision of childcare.

The key changes are around changing adult to child ratios and making it easier for schools to stay open for longer, and, combined with other changes, potentially provide a longer school day.

The current ratio requirement is 1 adult to 8 children for children aged 8 and under, and a requirement to ensure the setting is safe for children aged over 8 (generally accepted to be one adult to 12 children). We find that we cannot provide the children with the same experience with this ratio, so we use above the legal requirements and work on a ratio of 1 adult to 8 children ratio for all children, regardless of their age.

We appreciate you letting us know your thoughts on these changes.


Please note, we want to know whether you agree or disagree with the actual statement, not the explanation below which explains the current status.