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EYFS - Children Joining Reception

For some the first day at Breakfast, After School or Holiday club can be daunting, whilst others come in without a backwards glance!

We hope this information is useful. We are always more than happy to answer any questions, so please get in touch if you would like additional information.


Your child will be allocated a keyworker each day they attend the club. The keyworker will be allocated day to day in the Holiday Club to acommodate parents' different booking requirements. At After School Club your child will have the same keyworker for the whole year.

First Day

The keyworker will introduce your child to other children, show them around and make sure they know where everything is for the day and feel comfortable in the club.

Feedback & Communication

The key worker and club supervisor will be happy to provide feedback to you at the end of the session. If there is a problem, we will always call you, however, if you are feeling anxious or just want to check how your child is getting on, you are always welcome to contact the club mobile.

The majority of children settle into the club really well, but occasionally some new children can find it hard. If you have any comments, or there is something that your child does not like about the club, please speak to the supervisor as they will be happy to work with you and your child to ensure they are happy in the club.






EYFS in Practice

The EYFS is a very positive experience for children, and a key part of our process is to give each child joining Reception a dedicated key worker.

The key worker will be your child's main contact in the club. They will ensure they settle into the club well, and know where the toilets, playground etc are, and ensure they understand the club routine, help them to feel included in all aspects of the club and support them in developing friendships.

They will monitor your child's progress and interests through observations and photos. This information will be recorded in an 'All About Me' book over the course of the Reception year. At the end of the year, you will be given the book as a record of your child's time in the club.


We are required by Ofsted to monitor your child's progress, most parents are very happy to have this record of their child's first year at after school club. If you do not wish your child to be part of this programme, please let us know in Ball in hoopwriting.

Some children and key workers develop a natural bond, and if your child developed an affinity with another key worker, we would be happy to change their key worker.



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