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First Day

For some, the first day at After School Club can be a daunting experience for children whilst for other children they can already have lots of friends in the club and they are raring to join in!

Our team is there to ensure every child has a great session at the club and doesn't want to go home at the end of it!


Getting Children to Club

Exact information about collection arrangements are given on each club page, generally, all Infant children are collected from their class by our team (or dropped to the club by a Teacher) and Junior children make their own way to the club where they are marked off on the register.

Once back at the club your child will be introduced to their key worker. The key worker will have between one and five children they are key working on any one day - it is usually not more than 2 or 3 so they have plenty of time to spend with each child.

The key worker will help your child settle at the club, encouraging them to take part in activites and make friends. Children can be tired after a long day at school, so we develop quiet areas and ensure there are lots of age appropriate games and toys for them to play with.


New Children

One member of our team is dedicated to ensuring new children are well integrated into the club. They will introduce your child to a similarly aged child and show them around the club.

New children are marked on our daily register, this allows the staff team to ensure they are included into the club.

If your child is in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS); please visit our EYFS page to find out more about our care for children in this age group.

Early Years Foundation Page

Visit the Club with your Child

If you would like to visit the club with your child, we would be delighted to show you where the club takes place and to meet your child before they attend the club.

If you would like to pop into the club to have a look around before your first day you do not need to make an appointment - we like you to see us just as we are!

We would, however, ask if your visit could be after 4pm so that the children attending the club are settled and the Supervisor will have some time to spend with you.

Getting to know your Child

The club team will have a detailed list of any specific needs e.g. allergies that were noted on your child's registration form. The team will also have read your registration form, and will be aware of any activities that your child particularly likes/dislikes.





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