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Breakfast Club Bookings

Breakfast Club bookings can either be regular (where you have the same sessions every week) or ad hoc (where you just turn up at the club on the days that you need it).

Invoices for regular bookings are emailed at the start of each month for sessios within that month and are due to be paid 2 weeks after the invoice is sent.

Four weeks notice is required for any regular changes. Individual sessions cannot be cancelled or swapped.


A completed registration form is required for each child. You can obtain a Breakfast Club registration form directly from the Breakfast Club or download one below.

Holland Road Registration Form

Brunswick Junior Registration Form

Welcome Pack

Once we have recieved your registration form, we will send a welcome pack to you by e-mail, which contains everything you need to know about the club.

Breakfast Club invoices can be paid using cash, cheques, BACS or childcare vouchers. We accept all childcare vouchers.

Please contact us if you would like our childcare provider account details

Breakfast Club Prices
Pre-booked Session £4.50
Drop In Session £5.50