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Your First Day

For some, the first day at Breakfast Club can be a daunting experience for children, whilst for other children they can already have lots of friends in the club and they are raring to join in!

Our team is there to ensure every child has a great session at the club and one of the team is allocated to new children to ensure that they are well integrated into the club.

They will introduce your child to a similarly aged child and show them around the club.



Getting to Know Your Child

The team will have a detailed list of any relevant information that has been noted on the children's registration form. If your child has any specific needs, the club Co-ordinator will be happy to discuss them with you.

The sessions allow the children to play freely with the wide range of games and equipment. The session has some structure and new, younger children or those who are shyer will be encouraged by the team to join in the activities that they want to.

During a typical session, children will arrive any time from 7.45am, and eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Children must arrive at the breakfast club before 8.40am to ensure we have time to provide their breakfast before school.

Once children have eaten their breakfast they are able to do activities that will prepare them for their day at school - drawing, games or some sports.