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On this page you can find answers to frequent questions about our booking system

Your questions answered

I find online booking systems confusing, is there any help available?

Yes. Our Customer Care, Accounts and Finance team are happy to help anyone who needs a bit of extra support in setting up their account. They can talk you through the process on the phone, you can pop into the office and on some days, they will be able to pop into the clubs to help get accounts set up.

You can also download the Magic Booking User Guide (below) which has lots of useful information about how to set up an account.

My invoice for the booking period is huge – what happens if I cancel, am I liable to pay it all?

When you click ‘check out’ you can choose to pay by instalments either by card or childcare vouchers.

How do I pay in instalments?

As the booking period is long this shows a large invoice to be paid. To pay in instalments, during the checkout process be sure to select pay by ‘card instalment’ from the drop down box this will show you a breakdown of the monthly cost. At this point you can also choose which date of each month you would like the payment to happen. Alternatively you can choose to pay by childcare vouchers in instalments.

Will I receive an invoice every month?

No, however you will receive a payment reminder around 5 days before your payment is due.

I have made payment but not received a confirmation – what should I do?

Some confirmations may have gone into ‘junk’, so please check your junk folder. Confirmation emails come from If it is not there, give us a call on 01273 733 337.

What information do I need to set up my account?

You will need your child and family details, GP, information about allergies and dietary needs, SEND information, payment details (credit/debit card or childcare vouchers).

Can I set up my account and book sessions later?

Yes. Once you have set up your account, you can add regular or ad-hoc sessions and holiday club sessions as you need them.

What happens if I cancel my sessions – if payment is the same each month does that mean that I might be charged for sessions I have not used?

Payments always reflect the sessions you have booked in line with our cancellation policy.  If you cancel sessions, your payment schedule will be automatically updated to ensure that your final payment will cover exactly the amount of sessions, including those already used.   You will only ever pay for booked sessions.  The final payment may be higher or lower than your standard monthly payment to take into account the sessions you have actually booked.  

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