Club Booking FAQs

On this page, you can find everything you need to know to help you set up your account for our new booking system.

Your questions answered

Why did you choose this system?

There are very few booking systems for Breakfast, After School and Holiday Clubs. Until recently, we used a system called Connect, but it was a nursery software which has modules designed for Breakfast, After School and Holiday Clubs. It required a lot of customisation for it to work how we wanted it to. The inflexibility of that system, combined with new software designed for our sector prompted the change. We conducted our due diligence through a thorough investigation of the market and shortlisted two software providers. Once we saw what they offered, we created a priorities list to help us decide which was more appropriate for our needs, and Magic Booking was a clear favourite. We are very excited about getting it up and running in club.

Are the existing regular sessions I have booked for my child guaranteed?

All existing sessions booked before 3rd April will be guaranteed. This means you can book any time between now and 3rd April – and your existing sessions will be confirmed.

Why can’t I see my club?

We have grouped people so only those who have regular sessions can currently make bookings. Connect did not make this process simple, and some families have been missed. Please call us on 01273 733 337 if you cannot see your club’s booking page and we will be able to change your account immediately.

I thought the sign up date was 1st April, why have you changed it?

Our extensive testing of the system did not highlight a particular issue. You will be required to make a first instalment payment when you book. We understand that although the instalment is for sessions after the Easter Holidays you may not want to make a second payment on top of your March invoice. By extending the registration date to 3rd April you will be able to make your booking on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of April and so make your first instalment payment then. Your space will be guaranteed and so you can confirm your spaces right up until the 3rd April.

My invoice for the booking period is huge – what happens if I cancel, am I liable to pay it all?

Our cancellation period has not changed. If you need to change or cancel sessions you will automatically not be charged for any once the cancellation period has passed. When you click ‘check out’ you can choose to pay by instalments either by card instalments or childcare voucher instalments.

My child is in year 6 and will be leaving in July?

We will be removing all the year 6 children from the registers after the end of the school year for you. This will automatically recalculate your monthly payments if you are paying by card. We will make this change by the end of May 19. Or you can cancel their sessions at any time through your account.

How do I pay in instalments?

As the booking period is long this shows a large invoice to be paid. To pay in instalments, during the checkout process be sure to select pay by ‘card instalment’ from the drop down box this will show you a breakdown of the monthly cost. At this point you can also choose which date of each month you would like the payment to happen. Alternatively you can choose to pay by childcare vouchers in instalments.

Card instalments will be spread over 16 months with the first instalment taken immediately and childcare voucher instalments are spread over 15 months starting in April.

The last instalment will be in June 2020.

Will I still receive an invoice every month?

No, however you will receive a payment reminder around 5 days before your payment is due.

I set up an account, but it is showing as deactivated. What do I need to do?

We experienced a glitch from the booking system this morning, and some of the first accounts that were set up were accidentally deactivated. Our software provider, Magic Booking, has investigated this and assures us that it was an error and will not happen again. All accounts which were deactivated should now be up and running again. We are very sorry if this happened to you, we have done loads of testing and this has not happened to us.

When will I receive confirmation?

You will receive an email confirmation when you make your first payment. Remember you have until 3rd April to set up payment.

I have made payment but not received a confirmation – what should I do?

Some confirmations have gone into junk, so please check your junk account. It is from If it is not there, please try again, and then give us a call.

Why do I have to make a payment now, I have already paid my March invoice?

One of the changes with our new system is that your costs with Class Of Their Own will be spread in equal monthly instalments over the entire booking period. The current booking period runs from 23rd April 2019 until July 2020. As this is our first year, the initial booking period is longer than normal. From September 2020 each booking period will be a school year.

Your total cost for the booking period is spread over the number of months in the booking period. If you book in March, you will make 16 payments, if you book in April, you will make 15 payments – the total amount will be exactly the same.

What about my April invoice? I thought the new system is accepting bookings from 23rd April?

We will still be sending you an April invoice from our old system. These will be based on the actual number of sessions you are using in April 2019 on the old system and will cover the period from 1st April until the Easter Holidays (starting 8 – 10 April). This invoice will need to be paid in your normal way.

Why didn’t you start using the system on 1st April, it is a bit confusing have two April invoices?

We did consider this. We had two logical dates we could start using the system in club, at the beginning of a month, or the beginning of a half term. We decided that on balance, transition would be smoother if we started using the system in clubs at the start of the Easter Holidays.

I am currently part of the pay monthly scheme and make a regular BACS/Childcare voucher payment into your account – what do I need to do?

Regular BACS payments will need to be stopped. You will need to set up an account and you will start to be charged monthly onto the card you provide to us. Voucher payments can continue as normal, however, you will need to review the amount to ensure your payments match our new pricing.

View new pricing list here

Why do I need to set up my own account, it would be so much easier if the information was transferred from the old system?

This is another point we considered. We tried to make this work, however, there were some key reasons why this was not the best way. Firstly, the fields in our existing system do not exactly match the new system. Our current system is based on the child and contacts and bill payers are separate records associated with the child. In the new system, everything is linked to the parent/carer – although this does not sound complex, it made transferring data accurately between systems extremely challenging. Secondly, we do an annual data check each year, and whilst some families are good at updating their records, we have other families with very out of date information and we only find out when we have an emergency. As an Ofsted registered provider, we have a legal obligation to hold up-to-date information and given the difficulties in data transfer we decided the data would be completely accurate if each family entered it directly.

How long does it take to set up an account and add bookings?

It should take about 15 minutes and the system will save information as you add it.

What information do I need to set up my account?

You will need your child and family details, GP, information about allergies and dietary needs, SEND information, payment details (credit/debit card or childcare vouchers).

Can I set up my account and book sessions later?

Yes. Once you have set up your account, you can add regular or ad-hoc sessions and holiday club sessions as you need them.

What about waiting lists?

We will use exactly the same process for waiting lists as we currently use. You are currently only able to book for the sessions you already have. If spaces become free for people on the waiting list, we will contact you.

What about ad-hoc bookings?

Ad hoc bookings will open on 5th April 2019. They are currently blocked to give time for all the regular sessions to be booked in. After 5th April you will be able to book all sessions to July 2020. If you no longer need regular sessions, you will be able to book ad-hoc sessions subject to availability, from 5th April 2019.

It will be challenging for me to make two payments in April, what should I do?

To confirm your space, you will need to set up and make a monthly payment in April.  To help spread the cost, we will be happy for you to arrange to pay your invoice from our existing system in up to 3 instalments.  If you would like to do this, please contact us using the link below.

Contact Us

It would be easier for me to book and pay for sessions later in the month. Why is the sign up deadline so early in April? 

We gave considerable thought to the sign up deadline.  There are two reasons we have selected a date early in April.  Firstly, anyone who uses ad hoc sessions cannot book anything (apart from holiday club) until after all the regular sessions have been booked in.  Secondly, our Customer Care, Accounts and Finance Team will be manually checking every existing booking is added correctly to ensure everyone has booked the correct sessions.  Ensuring children are accurately showing on the register is crucial to the success of the system, so we need to ensure we allow sufficient time for this checking to happen.  

What happens if I have not set up my account before the deadline?

We will contact you by telephone to advise you that you need to set up your account.  If your account is still not set up, your space will become available to book, either for people booking ad hoc sessions or, where we have a waiting list, to the person on the top of the waiting list.  You will be able to book sessions if they are available to be booked.  

What happens if I cancel my sessions – if payment is the same each month does that mean that I might be charged for sessions I have not used?

Payments always reflect the sessions you have booked in line with our cancellation policy.  If you cancel sessions, your payment schedule will be automatically updated to ensure that your final payment will cover exactly the amount of sessions, including those already used.   You will only ever pay for booked sessions.  The final payment may be higher or lower than your standard monthly payment to take into account the sessions you have actually booked.  

Why doesn’t the system invoice us for what we have used like the current system, this is much better than spreading the cost over an extended period?

Magic Booking and the other systems we viewed only offer the option of creating one bill split into equal payments.  Parent/carer feedback had indicated this was a feature that would be welcomed.   This might be a topic that divides opinion, however, we will continue to monitor this and if there is considerable demand for a system that invoices what has been used in a particular period, we will try and find a solution.

I find online booking systems confusing, is there any help available?

Yes. Our Customer Care, Accounts and Finance team are happy to help anyone who needs a bit of extra support in setting up their account. They can talk you through the process on the phone, you can pop into the office and on some days, they will be able to pop into the clubs to help get accounts set up.

You can also download the Magic Booking User Guide (below) which has lots of useful information about how to set up an account.

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