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Whitsun below!

Books – We Love them!

Books take you on the most amazing adventures that
stretch the limits of the imagination. One minute you're fighting death eaters in Hogwarts and next you’re
try to find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes!

That’s why this May Half Term we’ve built activities around Awesome Authors and their amazing stories - from
Roald Dahl to JK Rowling and Lewis Carroll!

Play Explores will be crafting their own Polyjuice potions, constructing an amazing reading den, be challenged to find Wally and so much more!

Activity Planner

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Digital Leaflet


Daily Themes

Date Daily Theme
Monday 28th May Closed - May Bank Holiday
Tuesday 29th May Magic Moments
Wednesday 30th May Faraway Fantasy
Thursday 31st May Comic Characters
Friday 1st June Celebrating Stories


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Want to know about the theory behind the activities? Read our Play Explorers guide!

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