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Summer Holiday Clubs in Brighton, hove, Sussex, Sompting, Portslade

Summer Holiday Clubs in Brighton, hove, Sussex, Sompting, Portslade

Summer Holiday Clubs in Brighton, hove, Sussex, Sompting, Portslade

Holiday Clubs

Class Of Their Own Holiday Clubs provide an exciting range of play opportunities in a secure environment for primary school children aged 4 - 11 years old.

With clubs open every school holiday in Brighton, Hove, Portslade and Sompting you are never far from a Class Of Their Own Holiday Club!

Opening Hours

All our clubs are open from 8.00am until 6.00pm.

Children are presented with a wide range of play activities every day including:

HC activities

The Team

Our enthusiastic team work on a specifically designed ratio of adults to children and are provided with lots ideas and materials for a different theme each day.

They are handpicked for their commited, professional and fun attitude. They all undergo a DBS check.

Each child will receive of the support they want from our team who will assist them with arts and crafts, lead group games, participate in sports with them, or if the children prefer, they will simply observe that the children are safe and having a good time.

Our Ratios

We work to these ratios across all our clubs to ensure our staff are able to support every child that attends to have a brilliant, fun and interactive experience.

  • 2 adults to maximum of 12 children
  • 3 adults to maximum of  25 children
  • 4 adults to maximum of  34 children
  • 5 adults to maximum of  44 children
  • 6 adults to maximum of  54 children

"A great service - well organised and well run. We are very lucky to have Class Of Their Own in Brighton and Hove"

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What to Bring?

The main concern of new families is often what to bring, and what to wear.

You will need to send your child with:

stat Packed lunch and drink

star Sun hat in warm weather

star Waterproof if wet

star Coat in winter (we will be playing outside)

We recommend that children don't wear their best clothes, but clothes that are appropriate to the weather and that they will be comfortable playing in.

Pay Us a Visit

Parents and their children are welcome to pop into the Holiday Club any time to visit and to have a look around before the first day. We like you to see us just the way you are, and you are welcome to turn up, you do not need to make an appointment.

We would ask that you arrange to visit between 10am to 2pm so that the children are engaged and we will have time to spend with you and your child.


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Summer Holiday Club

We're excited to announce that you can now book for Summer Holiday Club 2018! This year we are launching our bookings earlier than ever.

To celebrate, we are offering two amazing Early Bird discount offers. First there will be a 20% Super Early Bird discount on Standard Days booked between 1st June and midnight of 11th June. These sessions will be non-refundable. That’s 20% off as many Standard Days as you want, with no limit! A great offer for anyone who knows exactly what sessions they will need this summer.

Our second Early Bird offer will commence on 12th June and run until midnight on 18th June. This will be a 10% Early Bird discount for as many Standard Days as you would like, with the ability to make changes if necessary*.  

View Terms and Conditions for Early Bird discounts by clicking here.

This summer we are open from 25th July until 1st September at the following Location:

Holland Road
Connaught Road
Stanford Juniors
Fairlight Primary
Peter Gladwin
Sompting Village

Weekly Themes for Summer
Week 1: Discovering Our City
Week 2: A Burst of Colour
Week 3: Around The World
Week 4: Roll Up, It’s Carnival Time
Week 5: Seaside Celebrations
Week 6: Ocean Commotion

View Activities, Trip & Workshop information here

Stay tuned to our Website & Facebook page, and look our for our Summer Holiday Club brochure, as we reveal our plans for summer over the coming weeks.

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Want to know more about our Play Explorers initative? Read our 10 Minute Guide

Visit our 10 Minute Play Explorers Guide

Play Explorers is our new approach to the Holiday Club activities and free play opportunities we offer. We know how important play is for children’s development and well-being, and that they explore and learn so much through play. We value play so much that we are maximising the play opportunities we provide.

Play Explorers introduces free play opportunities in eight Play Explorer Zones, and a new and improved programme of adult-led activities through ten Play Explorer Activity categories. As a Play Explorer, your child will get the best of both and have lots of fun.

Holiday Club Activities

Our Holiday Clubs are relaxed and friendly, and children come back to us time after time because they have had such a great day.

"Absolutely love Class Of Their Own, and can't think of anyting I'd change. Thank you! "

Fun for all Ages

Our clubs are designed to appeal to children of all ages. Most of our activities are adaptable so they suit all ages and abilities, however, some have been specifically designed so that they are more appropriate to older or younger children.

OwnZone is our initiative for children aged 8+

More about OwnZone For children aged 8+

More about EYFS For children aged 4 & 5



Our clubs are healthy eating clubs and we provide a healthy snack in the morning and afternoon breaks.

You will need to provide your child with a packed lunch, please include a drink for lunchtime too.

Please do not send any nut or sesame seed products into the club as some children have potentially fatal nut allergies.

For guidance, products which contain nuts and/or sesame are not permitted in the club include:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Other Nut Butters
  • Nuts in cookies and biscuits (including macaroons)
  • Cereal Bars containing nuts
  • Chocolate containing nuts (e.g. m&m, toblerone)
  • Any Loose Nuts
  • Satay
  • Chocolate Spread which contains any nuts – Nutella etc
  • Pine nuts
  • Pesto
  • Some curry sauces
  • Hummus (which contains sesame seed in the tahini that some children are severely allergic to)
  • Sushi

The above list is for guidance only and is not exhaustive.

Items in packaging which says that the manufacturer cannot guarantee that the product is free from nuts or sesame seeds are allowed into the club.

If any of the above items are in a child’s lunch box we will remove and store so they can be returned to you at the end of the session in an edible condition.



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