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We are committed to providing high quality out of school care for 4-11 year olds across Sussex

About Class Of Their Own

We are currently based in 13 schools across the local area. We have excellent working relationships with all the schools we are based in.

If you would like to find out more about how a Breakfast, After School or Holiday Club could work in your school, please feel to get in touch and we will be happy to arrange for you to visit one of our local clubs.


Benefits to your school

The provision of high quality extended services including clubs will greatly enhance your school’s ability to demonstrate to Ofsted how all activities in and around the school contribute to the following:

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What Headteachers say about us

“We have been very impressed with both the professionalism and the child-centred approach of Class Of Their Own.”

“We have always had an excellent liaison with Class Of Their Own and the Governors are very happy to continue working in partnership with them.”

“Children are well supported in a caring, relaxed and secure environment where they are given the opportunity to boost their confidence and self esteem through creativity.”

“Thank you for offering such a great service to our children.”

“We have been very lucky to start an After School and Holiday Club which is run and organised by Class Of Their Own. This is a thoroughly committed, professional and child friendly team and we have been really pleased with the club.”

“There is good communication and liaison with the school and the club has been mutually supportive even helping us with things! Regular meetings and named persons ensure that the club runs smoothly alongside and in partnership with the school.”

“The children and parents and carers of those children who attend have nothing but praise for the club.”

“The children enjoy their time at the club and can’t wait to get there! They talk excitedly about the many activities they take part in and share their experiences with other children and staff. The children are well guided and supported in the club and their safety is of the upmost importance.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the club work?

    We always work with and establish excellent working relationship with the school. The actual club is run independently out of the school and the club does not put any extra burden on the school support staff. We do all the administration, staff recruitment, training and support. We generally use a school hall or canteen for the club. Our staff set up the room either before school is finished, or as soon as the room is empty, and clean it and other facilities we have used, before they leave.

  • When does the club run?

    The club runs every day the school is open. We are open as soon as the school finishes up until 6pm (or until the school closes if earlier).

  • What is the involvement of the school?

    The involvement of the school is limited. We try to organise termly meetings with the head to gather feedback, and to ensure the clubs are running well. We occasionally ask the school to distribute a letter advising parents about the club. We have an office that is staffed every day from 9am to 6pm. This allows us to centralise our administration to ensure the parents receive the best possible service.

  • How is the club staffed?

    We operate on the Ofsted ratio of 1 adult to 8 children. We have excellent staff retention, and our staff turnover is very low. We believe we offer our staff a good place to work. They attend regular in house and external training sessions. We have a permanent floating member of staff who acts as cover for sickness and holidays, plus a pool of staff that we can draw upon over busy periods.

  • How does a typical session run?

    Each week, we develop a new theme, in conjunction with the children. We then develop plans around this theme which use activities such as arts and crafts, acting, indoor and outdoor games, cooking and sports. A typical session generally includes: Registration and circle time where fruit and drink are served; free time where children can choose an activity or if appropriate play outside; half way through the session, a light healthy snack is served; then more activities until the parents arrive.

  • How do parents pay?

    We accept card payments, childcare vouchers and Tax Credits . We are Ofsted registered, and parents can claim-back up to 70% of their child care costs via the Working Families Tax Credit.

  • Do you have policies and procedures?

    Yes, we have policies and procedures to cover just about every eventuality. These are constantly monitored to ensure they are kept up to date with current legislation. Ofsted have commented on our excellent policies. These are available to view on request.

  • How do you ensure the children behave appropriately to the setting?

    We have a positive behaviour management policy to reinforce positive behaviour. Where appropriate we incorporate the school’s policies into our own. Our Director Sam Thomson is a qualified primary school teacher and her experience in the classroom has shaped the policies.

  • Do you have an equal opportunities policy?

    Yes. We are an inclusive club, and aim to offer places to all children. We also offer equal opportunities to all our members of staff.

  • What are the benefits to the school?

    A Breakfast or After School Club allows the school to meet the Government Agenda on wrap around education. We do all of the organisation and administration so there is no burden on the school. A Breakfast or After School Club is an extra offering to parents, which may be a deciding factor when they are selecting a school. The rental of a school hall provides and an additional income for the school. We are an experienced and well-respected childcare provider.

  • What are the benefits to parents?

    Parents have a safe, affordable and fun environment to leave their children in. Children can attend one day or every day of the week. An on-site club means that parents drop off and pick up at the same place and the child is settled in one environment which in convenient to where they live. A Breakfast or After School Club allows parents to work or study without having to worry about their childcare arrangements. We develop close and open relationships with parents, and regularly ask for their feedback.

  • What are the benefits to children?

    The children do not have to adapt to a new environment as they know the school premises already. They are able to socialise, have fun, make friends with children of different ages, try new things, and experience lots of activities in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment. Each child is treated as an individual. They are able to relax, learn new skills, play or do homework. The environment is deliberately kept more relaxed than during school hours.

  • What are the benefits to the community?

    A Breakfast or After School Club allows parents to study or work at a time that is convenient to them. Up to 6 new jobs are created at the club for the local community.

  • Ofsted Registration

    All our clubs are registered with Ofsted. They are inspected separately from the school.

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