Big summer of fun is here!


Holiday Club is bigger and better than ever before!

What is ‘BIG’? The dictionary definition of BIG is: large-scale; of considerable size, magnitude, or extent; of great significance; momentous. And that is exactly what this summer will be: large-scale and momentous!

Why is it going to be bigger than ever!

The school holidays are the children’s free time and it’s up to each of them to choose what they would like to do and it is up to us to make it as fun and memorable as possible.

We believe that we can create great memories to last a lifetime and this summer our large-scale projects are going to help deliver this. We want children in our clubs to be able to do what they can’t always do at home – play with other children who like the same things as them, make a mess and get involved in things that are really big!

How are we different?

We provide a unique child-led environment. At school, sports and activity clubs children are expected to do the same thing at the same time as everyone else, to achieve a similar outcome.

At our clubs, each child is in charge of their own destiny. If they want to get creative and be involved in a large-scale sculpture they can, if they want to build their own creations out of junk modelling they can, if they want to play sport they can, if they want to ‘just’ play with friends they can. The choice is theirs! The children come out with different outcomes – which is great to see!

What makes a great summer?

  • Provision – providing great spaces, resources, ideas and planning
  • Promotion – sharing what we are planning to do; doing what we say we will do and doing it brilliantly!
  • People – our team are key to making the summer a big success. We have got a brilliant team who are enthusiastic and their key aim is for the children to have a great summer. They understand that it is the children’s holiday time and it needs to be fun with a capital F!

WOW moments

Our vision is to wow children, their families and our team. 

Our brilliant Club Co-ordinators recently shared their wow moments from the previous holidays. We heard about impromptu karaoke sessions with parents joining in when they collected children; a new child coming in very shy in the morning and going home having made firm friends and her mum swapping numbers for play dates; and a group creating a dance to perform to the rest of the children.

More WOW moments from Holiday Club

Back by popular demand

Water Play and Ice Cream Fridays

Every Friday this summer will involve water play. This will vary each week – one week it may be water races, another week – walking a plank or a big water fight. Water play will happen on other days too but is always guaranteed on a Friday. Children should come with a change of clothes so that they can get fully involved, if they want to!

We will also have ice cream on Fridays!

What’s new this summer?

Loose Parts and Junk Modelling

We have built up a stock of loose parts for the children to get creative with. The loose parts will include tyres, planks, crates, piping, tarpaulins, cardboard, fabrics and much more. Children will be able to build as they wish in the playgrounds. We can’t wait to see their creations.

Junk modelling enables children to get creative, plan their designs and learn how to problem solve, find new ways to make joins, decorate and bring ideas to life.

It also gives packaging another life before it finally makes it way to be recycled!

See examples of loose parts in club

Ad-hoc Park Trips

All of our clubs are located near to parks. This summer we are going to do park trips differently, with ad-hoc trips rather than pre-planned. The Club Co-ordinator will consider the weather forecast and ask for parental permission to attend the park in the morning of the trip. All children attending the park trips will wear high viz jackets and will be closely monitored by the team. These trips are always good fun.

Record Breakers

This summer there are going to be Record Breaker challenges running across all clubs with a Winner’s Cup for each of the winners!

Mr Potato Head challenge

Have a look at the themes this summer

What is momentous about each week?

24th July – 26th July

5th – 9th August

19th – 23rd August

2nd – 3rd September

29th July – 2nd August

12th – 16th August

27th – 30th August



We are very excited about The Big Summer of Fun and we want to give the children an action packed summer that they will remember for years to come! They get to design their ideal holiday to suit themselves.

Throughout the summer we look forward to sharing the WOW moments with you!

Sam & Tanya

Directors, Class Of Their Own

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