First day at Holiday Club


“I just want my phone call!” No I haven’t been imprisoned, this is me talking out loud in the office, waiting for my phone call from Holiday Club, where my daughter has gone for the first time (having just turned four). As part of settling in, our Club Co-ordinators call each new parent/carer to update them on how their child is doing on their first day in club.

I work at Class Of Their Own, so you’d think that putting my daughter in one of our Holiday Clubs would be easier for me than other parents. I know how lovely the club is, I love the team there and my daughter didn’t want to leave when I took her to visit the club recently

Why am I so nervous? She has happily attended nursery for the past three years and is a very sociable child.

I know that she will absolutely love the activities that we have planned such as tye-dye and ‘blast off experiments’. She will try crystal growing and she will make space rocks. And if she doesn’t want to join in any of those activities, she can go into any of our eight play zones and choose something else to do. I know that fancy dress and babies are her favourites! She was also keen to play football today.

When I dropped her off this morning, she was really keen to go in, but then she saw a little girl crying and decided to cling onto my leg a little. Thankfully the craft table was nearby and she couldn’t resist joining in.

What was really sweet is that my colleagues didn’t have to do much to settle her or the little girl that was upset. The other children came over and helped!

So while I wait for that call, I will get on with my work and remind myself of the thorough safeguarding policies and procedures that we have in place, as well as comprehensive training for each member of staff.

I will remind myself that she will make new friends and come September when she starts Reception year at the same school where we hold our Holiday Club, she will have experienced the school hall and the wonderful playground field. She will have used the little toilets. She will have started her new journey into school life.

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