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Big summer of fun is here!

Holiday Club is bigger and better than ever before! What is ‘BIG’? The dictionary definition of BIG is: large-scale; of considerable size, magnitude, or extent; of great significance; momentous. And that is exactly what this summer will be: large-scale and momentous! Why is it going to be bigger than ever! The school holidays are the … Continued

Why Do Children Love to Play So Much?

Children love to play. We know that, but just what is it about play that children love? At this point in an article, you might expect to see a definition of play. As people who study play are fond of saying; play is easy to see, but hard to define. The desire to play is … Continued

Starting School in September?

Starting big school is exciting. It’s an experience filled with anticipation from parents or carers and children alike. We thought we would do something a bit different, and consider the big occasion from the perspective of a parent and their child. From the first step on the journey all those months ago of assessing schools, … Continued

Reception Children welcome at Holiday Club this summer

Children starting reception class this September can join our Big Summer of Fun Holiday Club once they turn four! Attending Holiday Club can be a great way to introduce your child to the school environment in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We welcome several new reception children every summer before they start school. In our … Continued

Fairlight After School Club Outstanding again!

Our After School and Holiday Club at Fairlight Primary School received its second consecutive ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted, the regulator for Education and Children’s Services. The club has been run by Class Of Their Own since 2010 and this is its third Ofsted inspection. The inspector highlighted that: “Staff provide children with activities that they … Continued

The story of our Rebrand

Wow! We are pretty excited about the rebrand. It brings together everything about Class Of Their Own in a contemporary way. When Class Of Their Own started in 2001, we had little understanding of brands. We had a company name, a logo and a website and thought we were pretty advanced by having those things … Continued

Outstanding for Connaught Road After School Club

We are incredibly proud of our latest Outstanding Ofsted rating for Connaught Road After School Club, at West Hove Infant School. Thank you to all the wonderful children and congratulations to our deserving team.” Tanya Petherick, Director, Class Of Their Own We are particularly proud of these highlights: “Children are incredibly happy, confident and enthusiastic … Continued

Southover After School Club’s first Ofsted visit

Our team at Southover After School Club had its first Ofsted visit and received a ‘Good’ rating. The club has been running at Southover CE Primary School since 2016. The report highlighted that: Staff reinforce children’s self-confidence. Children respect each other’s opinions when they play together. Children are polite, sociable and learn to share and … Continued