The story of our Rebrand


Wow! We are pretty excited about the rebrand. It brings together everything about Class Of Their Own in a contemporary way. When Class Of Their Own started in 2001, we had little understanding of brands.

We had a company name, a logo and a website and thought we were pretty advanced by having those things in place! These days, not many people can remember our original logo. It was very different to designs seen today. Imagine a young girl, dressed up in her mother’s clothes and writing ‘Class Of Their Own’ on a board with a shepherds crook – in black and white – that was our logo! It made sense at the time as the company started as a tutoring agency, hence the name!

By 2006, we were ready for something new. We wanted something colourful, contemporary and a lot more fun. And the outcome was fantastic! We didn’t just have a logo – we had a suite of colours (a whole range of company colours – it was great), we had a certain way of doing things, we had consistency of how we did things and very excitingly, we had headed paper! We loved this rebrand when we launched it. Our boxed logo looked great. The colour palette worked brilliantly together, and our flyers and at the same time we launched a new website with tabs and packed with information.

It is fair to say, we loved the 2006 rebrand so much, that we took a long time to change it. The logo was the first thing that started to frustrate us. A logo in the shape of a rectangle is very annoying – if it is made too small it can’t be read, it takes up a lot of space, it is just a bit inflexible. And then the website – our formerly modern and contemporary online brochure was packed full of information. But actually more information than was actually required. Our website was becoming guilty of using a sentence when a word or icon would have the same effect. It was not mobile friendly and IT experts were too alarmed to make any changes to our booking system, it in case it stopped working!

Change was required! And in 2018, we embarked on the major project of reviewing our entire brand, website and booking system. By now we had a far deeper understanding of the elements of brand. It is not a logo, or a website, it is everything that people think about Class Of Their Own. We have worked really hard to build an excellent reputation over the years, so we wanted to keep this at the forefront of people’s minds, whilst updating our look and feel. The logo just had to change. If we started the rebranding process with one aim, it was to lose the rectangular logo. There are elements of the brand we love – the colour palette still works really well, and reflects the fun of what we do. The stars are great – they symbolise each individual as a star; they say: ‘Wow, look at the stars!’; they work well as icons – the colours and the stars were two things we wanted to update but keep broadly the same.

Play Explorers, our holiday club initiative, was launched in 2017 to give the existing brand a bit of a contemporary boost and share our ‘Play’ focus. We wanted to incorporate that message into our main brand. We also wanted icons to show which locations have Breakfast, After School and Holiday Clubs. Our online search facility did not allow for people to find their nearest club. Information on our website was hard to find, and people did not find it logically organised. All this and more has been changed with our new website. Now photos are easier to update – we want to show the world all the great things we do in club.

We had updated our vision and values, and really wanted to incorporate these into our new site. Our values are how we live. As a family run company, our values are really strong. We are passionate about what we do, and, our success has been in employing people who care as much about our values as we do.

An extensive search of booking systems found that whereas in 2006, the only option was to build a system, there now existed systems that allow people to book online and for the club teams to see exactly what has been booked. This is a world away from the spreadsheets that we started with in 2001!

We love our rebrand, our new website and our new booking system – let’s just hope we don’t become so attached to them that they are not updated for over 10 years again! Let us know what you think!

Sam and Tanya

Sisters and Directors, Class Of Their Own

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