Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Class of Their Own T’s & C’s

To ensure we run our clubs to the highest standard, we have Terms and Conditions to ensure parents and Class Of Their Own know and understand their responsibilities.

Parent Accounts and Child Registration

All sections of the registration need to be completed, including full contact details for parent/carer and at least one other contact in case of emergency.

It is your responsibility to update your account with any changes to your contact details or any information concerning your child.

Please remember to let the Club Co-ordinator know if you make any changes to any of the following important information about your child on your online account: allergies, food intolerances, medication, SEND or consents. It is much safer to share this information in person as well as updating your account.


After School & Breakfast Club

After School and Breakfast Club bookings are generally made on an ongoing basis. Once a regular booking has been confirmed, your child will be booked in for the same day/s each week. If we have availability, extra sessions may be booked on an ‘ad hoc’ basis, or for a limited period. If sessions are booked on an ongoing basis they are confirmed sessions within the booking period (e.g. Sept 19 to July 2020) until these sessions are cancelled by you. Ad hoc sessions and sessions booked for a limited period are confirmed bookings. All sessions have a four week cancellation notice period.

Waiting List

All bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Waiting lists are hard to maintain however we do believe it is the fairest way to allocate spaces when they become available.

If the club is fully booked on the days you need and you would like to join the waiting list for a regular weekly session you can book onto our waiting lists via your account.  The date you joined the list will define your place so when a space becomes available, the person at the top of the list will be contacted first.

Holiday Club

Holiday Club bookings are all confirmed at the time of booking and are only subject to change as per the cancellation policy.

Closure Due to Adverse Weather

No credits will be provided if we are not able to open the Breakfast or After School Club due to a reason that is beyond our control. However you can take out our Unexpected Closure Insurance Policy where you will be credited under certain circumstance.

Download Unexpected Closure Insurance Policy form

If we are not able to open a Holiday Club for any reason, a full refund will be given. If the Holiday Club is open, but you choose not to send your child, you will still be required to pay.

Cancellation Policy

When you make a booking with us, your booking is a ‘contract’. As the contract is to provide ‘leisure services’ where we agree to provide the service on a specific date or within a specific period it is not covered by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations which often applies to online and telephone transactions.

Our cancellation policy is:

After School and Breakfast Clubs

Four weeks notice is required to permanently cancel regular and ad-hoc sessions. Once cancelled, a credit will be applied to the account. If your child is absent and does not attend, you are still required to pay for the session missed.

Days cannot be swapped. Additional sessions can be booked providing there are spaces available.

Holiday Clubs

Bookings for Holiday Club sessions can be cancelled until one day before the school holiday starts and a credit will be applied to your account. Once the school holidays have started, a credit or refund will only be applied if two weeks’ notice is given.

If your child is absent and does not attend, you are still required to pay for the session missed.

Non-attendance – After School Club

If your child is not going to attend the After School Club you must inform us in advance. You can do this easily via your online account by cancelling the session. Alternatively, you can let us know by texting the Class Of Their Own office mobile 07563 741 534 or call the Customer Care, Finance and Accounts Team at the Class Of Their Own office 01273 733 337.

For safeguarding purposes, we ask you to tell us the reason for your child’s absence. If a child is absent without explanation and we are not able to contact you or any of your emergency contacts to ascertain the whereabouts of your child, we will assume that they are lost and follow our procedures accordingly. This could involve contacting the police to report your child as missing or referring to Children’s Social Care.

A charge of £3 will be added to your account if you do not inform us.

Payment Policy

After School & Breakfast Club Invoices

Payments will be due monthly and will be charged automatically by card via your account on the date of your choice. If you are paying via childcare vouchers, you will need to set up payments through your childcare voucher provider.

Holiday Club Payments

Holiday Club payments are due for payment at the time of booking.

All bookings are confirmed bookings and are subject to our Cancellation Policy above.

Late Pick Ups Policy

You can collect your child at any time during the session. When you collect your child, you are required to check them out on the electronic register with the Club Co-ordinator, which will record the time you collected them.

Please ensure that you arrive to collect your child promptly and you are ready to leave before closing time.

If you are running late, please contact us so we can arrange who will stay onsite with your child. We need to retain two members of staff on site with any uncollected children. We therefore have a late collection fee to cover their additional hours. The late fee is £7.50 for the first 15 minutes, £10 for 16-20 minutes, £15 for 21-30 minutes and £30 for 31-60 minutes.

After School Club

If you are running late, please call the club mobile phone to let the Club Co-ordinator know as soon possible so that arrangements can be made for team members to stay on site with your child.

Two team members are required to stay on site until all children have been collected. If you arrive later than our closing time, you will be required to pay a late fee to cover their extra hours.

If you are late on repeated occasions, you will receive a caution from us. We reserve the right to cancel your child’s place if the late collection continues.

Holiday Club

Holiday Club sessions have variable closing times. Our standard finish time is 3.30pm. If you want to extend your child’s session, you can book the additional hours on the day, by calling the Customer Care, Finance and Accounts Team at the Class of Their Own office on 01273 733 337, or calling the Club Co-ordinator on the club mobile. Please note that additional hours booked after the original booking was placed are charged at a slightly higher price.

If you are later than the finish time that you have booked for Holiday Club, we will charge you for a later finish time. If however, you know that you are running late for Holiday Club collection and you have booked your child in for one of the earlier finish times (e.g. you have booked a standard day to finish at 3.30pm), you have the option to book a later finish time.

You are only required to pay the late fee for our Holiday Clubs if you are later than our closing time.

Lost Property Policy

Children are responsible for their belongings and Class Of Their Own do not accept any responsibility for children’s lost property, however our teams will support children to look after their personal belongings. Lost property will be kept in club for a short period of time only.

Cancellation of Trips Policy

If we have to cancel a trip for any reason we will give you a full refund for the trip or give you the option to go on another day.

Complaints Policy

Complaints are rare but when they do happen we take it very seriously. The Directors will respond to any complaint within 24 hours and will give you a written outcome to the complaint within 72 hours. If for any reason the response time is going to be different we will inform you of when you will be notified.

Policies and Procedures

A summary of our key policies and procedures can be found in your Welcome Pack. A full copy of all out policies and procedures is available in club. The Club Co-ordinator will be happy to share these with you.

Safeguarding Concerns

If you have a safeguarding concern please call our Designated Safeguarding Lead Bec Drinkwater on 01273 733 337.