Our brilliant Club Co-ordinators shared their WOW moments from Summer Holiday Club 2018!


  • On a particularly beautiful day, we sat and ate lunch outside. All the children in club were so relaxed and you could really feel the friendly bond they had developed with each other.
  • My best memory was when the children made me ‘walk the plank’ during pirate week, we were all in hysterics!
  • I love seeing the children learn a simple new skill and then taking the time to go and teach it to other children in club. A fun new trick can spread across the whole day.
  • The friendships formed over the day are so unique and special to watch develop.
  • Watching all the children in club join a mass baby shark dance routine was fantastic and a real highlight of the holiday.
  • During a particularly scorching summer’s day we had an adults versus children water fight. The enthusiasm from everyone involved was fantastic to watch.
  • The passion from the play leaders leading play activities really makes the magic for the children.
  • Our powder paint play turned in to an all-out children against adults attack, with all the staff ending up covered in the powders. We ended up just accepting the mess we were in. The children loved it!
  • I couldn’t believe it when parents started joining in with the club’s karaoke competition. It’s what memories are made of.
  • During the World Cup, we would have daily football chant sing-alongs and just make the absolute most of everyone’s high spirit.
  • When there is a clear space, free of equipment, the children become so creative. You wouldn’t believe the games they can play with a tarpaulin sheet!
  • I love watching the children become more confident with each day at club.
  • Watching the children reunite with their friends from previous clubs is a truly magical moment. They’re so excited to meet with old friends.
  • The children work so well together in team activities. I’ve seen groups of children building massive structures and no matter what age they were, all the children played an essential part.”

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